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Normal Vision
Same scene as viewed by a person with cataract
  Cataract Surgery
When the crystalline lens in the eye becomes opaque and obstructing the passage of light called cataract. It is commonly known as “safed motia”. Cataract progresses slowly and potentially blinding if untreated. It is most common cause of blindness in the world.
  Causes of cataract :
Most common cause of cataract is old Age
Other causes are, trauma to eye, diabetes, patient on steroid treatment, uveitis, maternal infection
  (congenital cataract) etc.
  Symptoms of cataract :
Blurred vision, frequent change of glasses, disturbance in vision by head lights of coming car, fading of colours, seeing two/three images with one eye, decreased contrast, halo around Tube light / bulb at night, difficulty in reading in bright light.
  Treatment of cataract:
Surgical removal of cataract by Phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implant.
Latest technique of cataract removal is micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS) by cold phaco (Micro-Phaco).
  Advantages of micro incision cold phaco cataract surgery
Incision is very small (2.2 mm or less).
Sutureless, painless surgery.
Day care surgery.
Recovery is fast.
Astigmatism is minimal.
Patient return to work early.
Hypermature cataract also managed with ease.
Minimal or no harm to corneal endothelium.
Trauma / Surgical reaction to eye is very minimal.    
  Type of Intraoccular lenses (IOL’s)
Commonly foldable IOL’s are used.
  Various foldable IOL’s available are :
Normal foldable
Multifocal Toric
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