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   Comprehensive Eye Check up
Our eyes are forced to do continuous work almost throughout the day as most of our time is spent working on computers, reading, watching television etc. Our eyes also go through a natural ageing process like any other part of the body, which over time transforms into various eye related deficiencies and disorders

If u feels following symptoms or combination of following symptoms in your eyes regardless of age, you should go for comprehensive eye check up:
Eyestrain Difficulties in focusing 
Dry eyes Burning in eyes Excessive tearing 
Red eyes
Glare sensitivity Pain in and around the eyes
Tiredness Repeated headache Dimness of Vision     
  R.V.S Eye Centre offers you Comprehensive eye check up which includes the following tests:
Vision testing and Refraction
Slit Lamp Examination
Colour Vision Testing
Retina examination
Intra Ocular Pressure measurement
Detailed Examination of affected part
After completing theses tests, your Doctor / Surgeon can identify the cause of your vision disorder and can suggest you remedial treatment
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