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  Cornea Diseases
What is cornea?
Cornea is the transparent, dome-shaped tissue covering the front of the eye. It is like the watch glass of a wrist watch. Cornea is a powerful refracting surface and provides about 2/3rd of the eye's focusing power. It gives us a clear window to look through and is very important for good vision. Diseases of the cornea lead to loss of its transparency, thus reducing the vision. Injury, infection, genetic diseases and malnutrition can affect the functioning of the Cornea.
   Common Corneal Disorders are:
Corneal Abrasion: A medical condition involving the loss of the surface epithelial layer of the eye's
  cornea as a result of trauma to the surface of the eye.
Corneal Ulcer: An inflammatory or infective condition of the cornea involving disruption of its epithelial
  layer with involvement of the corneal stoma.
Corneal Dystrophy: A condition in which one or more parts of the cornea lose their normal clarity due
  to a build-up of cloudy material.
Corneal Neovascularisation: Excessive ingrowths of blood vessels from the limbal vascular plexus into
  the cornea, caused by deprivation of oxygen from the air.
Keratitis :  Inflammation of the Cornea.
Keratoconus : A degenerative disease, the cornea thins and changes shape to be more likea cone.
  Corneal Blindness :

The cornea becomes cloudy or warped due to disease, injury or infection. A    damaged cornea distorts light as it enters the eye thereby leading to decrease of eye sight. This kind of visual impairment is called corneal blindness. This is the only type of visual impairment that can be treated by corneal transplantation. Corneal problems can afflict anyone at any age

   Corneal Transplantation :

A cornea transplant, which replaces damaged tissue on the eye's clear surface, also is referred to as a corneal transplant, keratoplasty, penetrating keratoplasty (PK) or Corneal graft.

A graft replaces central corneal tissue, damaged due to disease or injury, with healthy corneal tissue donated from a local eye bank. An unhealthy cornea affects your vision by scattering or distorting light and causing blurry or glary vision. A cornea transplant may be necessary to restore your functional vision.

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